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Developer Relations Advisory & Technical Community Builder, Author, Podcaster. Now: @bradfieldcentre @DevRelBook @triplechasm Previously @twilio @o2 @telefonica

Repost of an article I wrote for Slash Data. Since first publication, Grace has moved onto MongoDB where she is VP, Global Developer Relations & Education.

Grace is VP of Developer Relations at Roblox.

She is responsible for leading developer and educational programs and engaging with a growing community of 3+ million developers to empower them across multiple platforms. A seasoned developer relations leader with over 12 years of experience, she has co-authored three patents and led worldwide developer initiatives at Microsoft, Intuit, and Atlassian. Prior to joining Roblox, she established Atlassian’s Global Developer Relations organisation to nurture and expand…

Cambridge Enterprise

In episode 29 of the ‘Inside The Bradfield Centre’ podcast published today, I chat with James Thomas, Senior Investment Associate, Software at Cambridge Enterprise.

We learn about Cambridge Enterprise, the commercialisation arm of the University of Cambridge, and how they help Cambridge academics and researchers make tangible impact. We cover how Cambridge Enterprise benchmarks with other Universities, how they support their portfolio, explore their ‘greatest hits’ and discuss the hottest technologies.

Recommended listening if you curious to learn how The University of Cambridge supports entrepreneurship, or if you want to work directly with Cambridge researchers.

Listen to the Podcast…

Repost of an article I wrote for Slash Data. Since first publication, Adam has moved onto HashiCorp where he is VP, Developer Relations.

I’m excited to bring you an interview with Amazon’s Adam FitzGerald. At Amazon, Adam oversees global technology evangelism, developer engagement programs, and community building.

Adam FitzGerald

His technical interests include fault tolerant composable service architectures, infrastructure automation and data science. Prior to joining Amazon, Adam ran Developer Relations for Pivotal, VMware, SpringSource, and BEA Systems. He is a recovering mathematician (over 13 years since his last formal proof), regular swimmer, and aging gamer. …

First let me briefly explain my background and why I am so fascinated with this topic.

I have spent my entire career working at the intersection of telecommunications and software. I have built and launched products inside major Telcos like BT, O2 and Telefonica. In addition I have the perspective of working in a disruptive telecommunications start up – Twilio.

I have also worked and advised organisations seeking to share best practice and connect these two worlds together. …

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