Developer Relations: My DevRelCon 2021 Talk

James Parton
1 min readApr 3, 2022
DevRelCon 2021

I’m sure you are already aware — but just in case you aren’t — Matthew Revell has been curating DevRelCon for six years, bringing together the Developer Relations Community to share knowledge and make new friendships. If you are in DevRel or aspire to be in DevRel, it’s a must attend event.

I had the opportunity to speak at DevRelCon 2021 and in this post I share the recording of my talk if you missed it first time around, or just want to recap.

Company Alignment Do or Die — James Parton

You might be thinking that you only need to care about delivering the best possible experience for your community. Think again! Clearly demonstrating how your DevRel efforts align with your company’s goals, is vital to both the long term success of your DevRel program and your personal career development.

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