Developer Relations: State of Developer Relations 2021 Report

The State of Developer Relations 2021 Report is now available. This is the 8th DevRel report, based on the findings of the 2021 DevRel Survey. Thanks to all of you who took the time to participate.

The report shows the continued growth and maturity of Developer Relations as a practice and as a growth strategy for companies. You’ll find information on the companies of DevRel, their types and industries, the size of programs, teams, budgets, and communities, and the people of DevRel including what they do, salaries, and challenges.

Here are the highlights:

This report is a tool for DevRel practitioners to benchmark their activities and provide some scope to the emerging practice of DevRel. We encourage you to ponder the revelations, insights, and implications. Feel free to share the report, comment on it, and review it with your peers. #devrel2021 #stateofdevrel



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