Developer Relations Advisory & Technical Community Builder, Author, Podcaster.


  • Matt Lacey

    Matt Lacey

    I help people create better apps. Also writing a book about it:

  • Marian Gurowicz

    Marian Gurowicz

    Life Coach, Online Business Woman, Empowered Blogger, Mother of Bill, Jen, & Nicky. Plus 4 cats and 2 dogs.

  • Spice Chungu

    Spice Chungu

    Catalyzing Social Change

  • @ChrisMatthieu


    Builder of companies, robots, supercomputers, & motorcycles. @xrpanet & @twelephone CEO. Formerly @magicleap @computesio @citrix @octoblu @nodester @teleku

  • Simon Bisson

    Simon Bisson

    Freelance technology journalist, vrai Jerri, and geek. Writing about enterprise, SMB, developer, design and mobile; anywhere, anytime. Email:

  • Clemens Aichholzer

    Clemens Aichholzer

    founder & ceo @MindX_co | investor | HarvardHBS |

  • Eric Swain

    Eric Swain

    Digital. Social. Mobile. Love big ideas; hate bureaucracy, received wisdom and needless stupidity. COO for Equinet Media. Views are my own.

  • Brian Mullen

    Brian Mullen

    BD @twilio. I will always love Tedford. Go Bears.

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